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We are one of the biggest geological enterprises in Poland providing service in area of geological advise and geotechnical investigation for construction sector.

Our company has been a partner for some of the most important real estate and infrastrucutre investments in Poland, advising both before and during the construction. Our high-tech machinery and professional team of qulified geologists can meet any requirements of most demending customer, both in Polish and English.

Our products portfolio consists of:

  • geological engineering
  • geotechnical engineering
  • mining geology
  • research for soil and groundwater contamination
  • hydrogeology

We prepare professional and clear geological reports both in Polish and English and we provide assistance and guidance in contacts with public sector departments of environment protection in Poland.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at:

Pracownia Geologiczno-Inzynierska
Obywatelska str. 102/104
94-104 Lodz, Poland
+48 601 966 125

Geological engineering

We specialize in geological soil research and prepare geological engineering reports for our customers.


We are a partner directly on construction site, providing service during excavations and foundations setting.

Soil contamination research

We provide professional environmental reports on pollution of soil and groundwater.